Wines of Alentejo Sustainability Program is highlighted at the 7th World Wine Tourism Conference

João Barroso highlights that “it is with great pride that we face this opportunity to show the best that is done in Alentejo on this path of sustainability. We have just announced WASP2.0 precisely because we recognize that we must continue to elevate the region and good practices, and it is also a recognition of all members and how the efforts of producers have been a leverage, not only for the sector but also , for wine tourism in the region”.

Remember that the WASP is a pioneering initiative in the country, which was born in 2015, and which was renewed this month with a version that raises the level of sustainability and that sets the Alentejo region as an example in the implementation of sustainable agriculture measures, The sustainable production certification of this program is recognized worldwide.

The WASP already has 639 members covering around 60% of the Alentejo wine region, corresponding to more than 13 thousand hectares, and currently 20 producers bear the sustainable production seal.
Vinhos do Alentejo 2024