Wines of Alentejo Sustainability Program at AgroIn 2019
The 6th edition of Agroin 2019, the biggest Management event for the Agribusiness sector, took place on April 10 in the auditorium of the Rectory of the New University of Lisbon.

This year's event was attended by the Manager of the Sustainability Program of Alentejo Wines, João L. Barroso, as one of the speakers. See the program here.

Farmers, specialists, entrepreneurs and managers discussed the productivity, profitability and latest trends in AgroIN from the point of view of innovation, efficiency, technology and sustainability in agricultural and agroindustrial farms.

AgroIN, which took place on April 10 at the auditorium of the Rectory of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, also discussed the nutritional fashions and consumer preferences that are influencing the agrifood market.

The annual meeting, organized by IFE by Abilways, which is already in the 6th edition, intends to show that "SMART is much more than technology" and that innovation can go beyond technology or precision agriculture, as well as differentiating solutions for the increasingly challenging agribusiness challenges.

Specialized speakers, from academic entities and companies of production, distribution and transformation of agri-food products, addressed successful case studies and various topics related to the sector.

Organized by IFE and Vida Rural magazine, this is a space where key industry leaders and players discuss ideas and strategies, challenges and opportunities, planning, implementation and control. They discuss monetization and optimization, marketing and logistics, incentives and financing, internal and external market. Everything that makes the sector move to the level of business management.

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