Wines of Alentejo: Sonae MC Wine Meeting

Today (Maia) and on the 3rd of June (Carnaxide), the WInes of Alentejo were invited to Sonae MC, to give lectures to the leaders of the Continente markets, with the aim of transmitting to their employees markets the following:
  • What are the arguments to be used with customers to promote and highlight the region's wines?
  • What distinguishes the wines of this region from others?
  • Include general notes on characteristics of the region as important castes or sub-regions?
  • What are the most important characteristics of the wines of the region from a consumption perspective, considering the harmonization with food and potential of guard?

Regarding the importance of the certification of wines, a presentation was given that had as speaker the journalist and wine critic Aníbal Coutinho.

In addition to the presentations, there was a small wine tasting counter / stand in the region, at the conference site, giving different sub-regions, castes or specific lots, without revealing the brand. This test happened in the moments between presentations of the CVR, where the collaborators could taste the wines of the different regions throughout the day.

Vinhos do Alentejo 2022