Wines of Alentejo registered a 9% increase in the price of Exports in 2018

• The average price per liter rose again: 9% in the first six months of 2018

• DOC Alentejo wine price increased by 16% and regional Alentejo 6%

In the first half of 2018, wines from the Alentejo region recorded a 9% increase in the export price compared to the same period of 2017, according to INE data evaluated by CVRA (Regional Wine Commission of Alentejo).

Rising prices have been found in all geographic areas where the region's wines are sold, with variations of 4% in Europe, 7% in North America, 19% in South America, 2% in Africa, 22% Asia & Middle East and 10% in Oceania. DOC Alentejo wine was exported 16% higher (at € 4.50 per liter), while the Alentejo Regional wine increased by 6% (to € 2.99 per liter).

Francisco Mateus, chairman of the CVRA, highlighted the trend of price growth, stating that "the rise in the various geographical areas is a sign of the recognition of quality perceived by importers and consumers, who are available to pay a higher price for region. Until June, DOC Alentejo was sold at an average price of € 4.50 / liter, which compares with the national average of € 2.97 and the Alentejo Regional at € 2.99 / liter, when the national average was of 2.53 € ".
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