Wines of Alentejo create platform to help producer's online sales
In a unique and exceptional context, CVRA and the Wines of Alentejo producers created a platform to facilitate online wine sales.

The Alentejo Regional Winegrowing Commission launched an online platform through its website, with the objective of helping producers to develop their business in a turbulent context like the current one. In this way, consumers can have access to their favorite wines in a simple, fast and secure way, since the platform redirects them directly to the producer's page where they can finalize the purchase and receive the wine at home.
There are close to 60 producers who, being directly impacted by this new context, have reinvented their business forms, thus responding in an agile and positive way to the current challenges.
With the development of this platform, CVRA creates a safe way to get everyone's home, which is best done in Alentejo.
For Francisco Mateus, president of CVRA, “it is imperative to be on the side of our producers and consumers, so this was the way we found to help them in a moment of crisis like the one we are experiencing. It is a safe way to promote the economy of our region, which, like the rest of the country, has been greatly affected by this global pandemic.

We believe that this measure is relevant and useful for wine consumers who can receive their purchases directly at their homes. We hope to see the Alentejo Wines on display in restaurants, stores and other places where they have always stood out, but online shopping is now the safest way to buy wines from our region. ”
CVRA and its producers innovate and accelerate, in this way, the digitalization of purchases in the wine sector and calls for consumption at this time to be done at home and in a moderate way.
Vinhos do Alentejo 2022