Wines of Alentejo elect new ambassador in the Brazil, the main export market

Gabriel Raele is the winner of the contest that brought the best Brazilian sommeliers to the Alentejo region who, since Monday, have visited wineries and producers.

This is already the 9th edition of the contest “The Best Sommelier of Wines from Alentejo in Brazil”, which elected this Thursday, September 15, the big winner: Gabriel Raele. The initiative aimed at the largest export market of Alentejo wines, now has one of the best sommeliers in São Paulo, who during the next year will be able to demonstrate to Brazilian consumers the unique particularities of the region's nectars.

This initiative, with the signature of the Alentejo Regional Winegrowing Commission (CVRA), aims to strengthen the existing relationship between the Alentejo and Brazil, a country in which Alentejo wines grew, in the first half of this year, by 23% in value and 26% in terms of volume, a balance that reinforces the market leadership in export destinations. “This action, which we have held annually since 2014, is fundamental for the image that the Brazilian market has of our wines, reinforcing our presence among these consumers who – without a doubt – value Alentejo Wines and who, increasingly, know the diversity and particularities of the region.”, explains Tiago Caravana, jury of the initiative and marketing director at CVRA.

For the official, the competition has been, over the years, “very successful, bringing specialists together with Alentejo winemakers and producers and training sommeliers so that they can promote in their home market the best that is done.” in Alentejo.”

The judges – Luís Lopes, editor of the Vinhos Grandes Escolhas magazine; Tiago Caravana, marketing director at CVRA; Ricardo Morais: wine director of the JNcQUOI Group; Marc Pinto, wine director at the Fifty Seconds restaurant; Domingos Meirelles, director of Exponor Brasil -, concluded that the big winner of the year 2022 stood out both in the written test about the Alentejo and its wines, as in the practical exam of simulation of the service of Alentejo wines in a restaurant context, having demonstrated “ a high level of knowledge about the region and, of course, an exceptional ability to promote Alentejo Wines and their particularities, which are unique in the world.”

It is recalled that "The Best Sommelier of Alentejo Wines in Brazil" involved more than 50 Brazilian sommeliers who, over the two stages - the first in Brazil and the second this week in Alentejo, learned the history and got to know the profile of the wines. Alentejo, through workshops and tastings.

For the final, held this Thursday, only six sommeliers were selected (Érika Éttori; Felipe Rossi Manfredini; Gabriel Raele; Diego Cosaquiviti, Rafael Fernandes and Renato Neves) who, in recent days, had the opportunity to explore the region and get to know it up close. the reality of its wine production, the variety of grape varieties and diversity of terroirs.
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