Wines of Alentejo award first sustainable production label to Herdade dos Grous
After obtaining unprecedented certification in the portuguese wine sector, Herdade dos Grous is the first producer with sustainable production certification, through the Seal launched in August that is part of the Wines of Alentejo Sustainability Program.

The Alentejo Regional Winegrowing Commission (CVRA) has just announced the awarding, this Thursday, December 17th, of the sustainable production stamp to Herdade dos Grous, which thus becomes the first wine producer in Portugal to obtain unprecedented certification. “Today we are starting a new era in the national wine sector.

The attribution of this seal is a historic step for the Alentejo and for the country, not only because we contribute to the recognition that it is possible to be sustainable as a whole, but also because it projects the image of our wines in the strategic international markets that they value, and very , good sustainability practices.

It is important to emphasize that finding this label in a bottle of Alentejo Wines is the right guarantee for sustainable production ”, explains João Barroso, coordinator of the Wines of Alentejo Sustainability Program (WASP). The certification of sustainable production is awarded by four Certification entities (Bureau Veritas, Certis, Kiwa Sativa and SGS) who are working in collaboration with CVRA for the certification of 3rd party WASPmembers.

The certification gives the right to the attribution of a stamp, unique in the Portuguese wine sector, having been launched in August. The choice of more resilient grape varieties; the implementation of agricultural practices that enhance soil protection and the promotion of biodiversity; the efficient use of energy and water; the use of renewable energies, and more sustainable materials in the packaging of products; as well as the social responsibility initiatives that involve not only employees, but also the local community, were fundamental aspects for the attribution of the sustainable certification seal to Herdade dos Grous.
The Certification Entities also evaluated some of the practices implemented, such as the promotion of the mosaic agricultural landscape, maintaining and increasing biodiversity; the maintenance and reforestation of the forest; the creation of seedlings of permanent biodiverse pastures; the olive grove, the fallow areas; and the promotion of habitat banks for pollinators.
“Herdade dos Grous's mission is to produce in a sustainable manner, protecting the environment, promoting the well-being of its employees and benefiting the local community in which it operates. For this reason, the certification proposed by PSVA seemed to us a natural step in the course of our activity ”said Luís Duarte, the manager and oenologist at Herdade dos Grous. He added that “it is with great joy that we see all our dedication and care in sustainable production, the work of the entire team over the years, to be officially recognized!”
The certification is part of WASP, a pioneering initiative in the sector in Portugal, which already has 426 associate members, who represent more than 40% of the Alentejo vineyard area, and who consider that environmental policies are favorable, also from the point of view economical, since the implementation of water and light monitoring plans allows a reduction of about 20% and 30% in consumption, with the associated savings.
“It is a pride for the Alentejo, but also for Portugal, to have started the certification of sustainable production, which attests to the implementation of good practices in the WASP, economic and social aspects. Herdade dos Grous has shown, since the beginning of the implementation of the PSVA, a dedication and commitment, which we have followed year after year, and has now culminated in certification, being an example of the best that can be done to transform the wine sector and position the Alentejo. as a region of sustainable production. I believe that other regions will join us and can count on our support and experience, as long as the levels of demand and rigor that Alentejo practices and that have already been recognized at international level are maintained. We are on the right path: an entire region with the purpose of continuing to produce wines of excellent quality, respecting the environment and people, with a positive economic impact! ”, Stresses Francisco Mateus, president of CVRA.
WASPpromotes good soil management in the field, the use of auxiliary organisms, the preservation of ecosystems, the conservation and restoration of water lines, or the use of integrated production and organic production. At the winery, energy efficiency and the rational use of water are a priority, as well as the reduction of waste production. The recycling and dematerialization of processes, as well as the use of greener products (stoppers, barrels and other materials from certified forests), are also encouraged.
In addition to Herdade dos Grous, several producers are currently working to be recognized with the certification of sustainable production. During the year 2021, it is expected that other producers will join Herdade dos Grous in this certification, starting to bear the certification seal.

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