Wine tourism in Alentejo: more than a dozen programs to celebrate the harvest

Wine tourism in Alentejo: more than a dozen programs to celebrate the harvest!

Wine tastings, night harvests, grape stomping or gastronomic experiences are some of the options available throughout the Alentejo region. alentejana can be enchanted by the unique flavors, climate and landscapes of the region.

The Alentejo Regional Winegrowing Commission (CVRA) gathered some of the available options:

Alentejo Wine Route, Évora
On the Alentejo Wine Route, a space with the CVRA signature, it is possible not only to taste six different wines, but also to design a tailor-made route to get to know in depth the art of making wine in the region. Address: Rua Cinco de Outubro nº 88, 7000-854 Évora Price: €5 per tasting. No reservation required.

Fita Preta, Évora
From the 20th of August, Fita Preta invites you to harvest with maximum freshness, in a program that starts very early, still at dawn. In addition to the harvest, the invitation includes oenology activities in the cellar and lunch at Paço Medieval with tasting of five wines. Address: Paço do Morgado de Oliveira, EM527 Km10, Nossa Senhora da Graça do Divor, 7000-016 Évora Price: From €125 per person (p.p.) Reservations: or (+351) 918 266 993

Adega José de Sousa, Reguengos de Monsaraz
Activities at Adega José de Sousa will last until September 3rd, with the option of choosing between a program with or without lunch. The visit to Adega Nova and Adega dos Potes and the tasting of three wines accompanied by regional products are part of the program without lunch. The meal includes gazpacho, chicken pies, cheeses and other Alentejo delicacies. Address: Rua de Mourão 1, 7200-291 Reguengos de Monsaraz Price: €28 (without lunch) and €60 (with lunch) p.p. Reservations: or (+351) 918 269 569

Tapada de Coelheiros, Arraiolos
From the 17th of August to the 18th of September it will be possible to follow and experience all the stages of the harvest at Tapada de Coelheiros. The visit begins in the field to understand the different stages of grape maturation and understand when they are perfect to be harvested and includes a tour of the property, where you can observe part of the fauna and flora. This is followed by a visit to the cellar and a tasting of five wines, paired with a plate of snacks and typical products from the region. Address: Tapada de Coelheiros 7040-202 Igrejinha, Arraiolos
Price: €70 p.p. Reservations: or (+351) 266 470 000

Santa Vitória, Beja
For two hours, the producer from Beja will present Santa Vitória wines. The dawn is at 11:00 am, when the harvest kits are delivered and you go on a tour of the vineyards with an explanation and grape picking. Later, participants can count on a visit to the cellar, led by winemaker Marta Maia and, before ending the morning, a visit to the barrel cellar and a wine tasting accompanied by regional snacks is planned. Address: Sociedade Agro-Industrial, SA Herdade da Malhada 7800-730 Santa Vitória Price: From €35 p.p. Reservations: or (+351) 284 970 100

Herdade do Esporão, Reguengos de Monsaraz
In the year celebrating its 50th anniversary, Esporão celebrates the harvest with a program that includes visits, grape picking, wine tasting, lunch and a harvest kit. On the 1st of September, Herdade do Esporão welcomes participants from 10 am with a welcome coffee and delivery of the harvest kit. This is followed by a visit to the vineyard with grape picking and to the cellars and basement. Afterwards, participants are entitled to a wine tasting accompanied by regional cheeses and sausages. The program can end or continue with lunch at the Wine Bar. Address: Herdade do Esporão 7200-207 Reguengos de Monsaraz Price: €60 p.p. (without lunch) or €115 p.p. (with lunch) Reservations:

Mainova, Arraiolos
“Moinante” is the one who sleeps during the day, because he's been partying all night and is also the name of the grape harvest experience at Adega Maionova. The Moinante Experience, available on the 25th of August, 1st and 8th of September, proposes a nocturnal harvest, with a program that starts at 10 pm with the reception of guests with a welcome drink and welcome kit. This is followed by a visit to the cellar and the preparation of participants with reflective vests, flashlights and pruning shears. The harvest lasts until 1 am, when supper with wine tasting is served. Address: Herdade da Fonte Santa Estrada Nacional372-1, 7040-669 Vimieiro, Arraiolos Price: €120 p.p. Reservations: or (+351) 910732526 (limited places)

Herdade do Rocim, Cuba
At Herdade do Rocim there is the possibility to opt for two programs. The “A bush in the Rocim harvest”, which costs 35 euros, runs from Tuesday to Saturday throughout the month of August, and takes visitors to learn about the harvest process, ending with a varied loofah made up of local products. Or the “Tip on foot with Embalo” which takes place on September 9, costs 65 euros and starts at 11 am with a wine tasting, accompanied by Alentejo cheeses and sausages, followed by a visit to the vineyard to discover the vintage process. This program also includes lunch and ends with foot treading to the sound of Alentejo singing. Address: Estrada Nacional 387 Apartado 64, 7940-909 Cuba Price: From €35 p.p. Reservations:

Torre de Palma, Monforte
Respecting the Roman roots in Torre de Palma, wine is celebrated in “Lusitania”, just as in the Roman period. The “rustic vinalia” marks the beginning of the harvest in mid-August, as well as the beginning of the harvest program and ends at the end of September, celebrating the “meditrinalia”, the date on which the must is consecrated. The program includes a welcome to Torre de Palma, delivery of the harvest kit, visit to the vineyards and manual harvesting of the grapes and selection, must tasting, lunch or dinner at the Palma Restaurant with drinks included. Address: Torre de Palma Wine Hotel – Monforte Price: €60 p.p. Reservations: or (+351) 245 038 890

João Portugal Ramos, Estremoz
Nature'ing with Wine begins with a visit to the viewpoint, where you can see the extensive plain of vineyards, followed by a trip to the vineyard and grape picking. Returning to the cellar, the visitor is challenged to experience the traditional stepping in marble vats. The four and a half hour program continues with a visit to the winery and cellars and ends with a vintage lunch with two different menus, paired with João Portugal Ramos wines. Address: Vila Santa, Estrada Nacional 4, 7100-149 Estremoz Price: €80 p.p. (Minimum four people) Reservations:

Adega de Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito, Vidigueira
The six-hour program includes visiting members' vineyards and discovering the art of harvesting. In the middle of the morning there is a break for “bucha”, filled with some delicacies from the region, such as bread from Vidigueira, black pork sausage, cheese, olives and crackling. After the snack, it's time to return to the winery and get to know the winemaking process up close, and the activity ends with a tasting lunch at Casa das Talhas. Address: Bairro Industrial 7960-305 Vidigueira Price per person: €60 p.p. (Minimum four people) Reservations:

Adega Mayor, Campomaior
From the 13th of August to the 18th of September, Adega Mayor promotes different wine tourism programs, subject to prior booking and with a limited number of 12 participants per group. The “Mayor Harvest” program costs 45 euros per person and, in addition to the visit to the vineyard and the cellar, includes must tasting and a workshop with tasting of four of the producer's wines. Address: Herdade da Argamassas, 7370-171 Campo Maior, Portugal Price: €45 p.p. Reservations:

Quinta da Fonte Souto, Portalegre
Quinta da Fonte Souto has two distinct programmes. The “Open Days” which are free and take place on the mornings of August 19th, September 17th and October 22nd. These days with limited reservations offer the possibility to walk through the vineyards and taste nectars from Quinta da Fonte Souto. The complete harvest programs include a guided tour of the farm, a tour of the vineyard, tasting of three wines and participation in harvest activities. The program can end here and cost 20 euros or include a picnic and cost 40 euros. Address: Estrada de Alegrete, Reguengo and São Julião, 7300-404 Price: From €20 p.p. Reservations: or (+351) 910 104 292
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