Wine tourism: Alentejo has more than a dozen harvest programs to explore

Alentejo wine tourism programs have programs dedicated to the art of wine making that allow visits to wineries, footsteps, picnics or regional lunches.

The harvests in the Alentejo Region are already underway at full speed and it was to celebrate the ancestral art of winemaking that producers and wine tourism companies created special programs for everyone who wants to know the region through its wines.

With prices starting at 30 euros and durations that vary between a few hours and two days, the Alentejo Regional Winegrowing Commission (CVRA) has gathered the grape harvest programs available for all tastes and which extend throughout the region.

1. Alentejo Wine Route

The renovated area of ​​the Alentejo Wine Route, under the aegis of the Alentejo Regional Wine Commission (CVRA) is, inevitably, the first indication when visiting the Alentejo, since it is possible not only to taste six different wines there. of the region, how to design the route that you intend to do next.

Address: Rua Cinco de Outubro nº 88, 7000-854 Évora
Price: €5 per wine tasting (06 different wines from the region)

2. Adega Cooperativa da Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito

At the Adega Cooperativa da Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito, you should take advantage of the season to get to know the region's wines and snacks well, in an experience that begins with a visit to the vineyards and harvest. Later, and before the visit to the winery, there is time to enjoy regional snacks and then the possibility of exploring the winemaking process.

To complete the experience, lunch is planned at Casa das Talhas, accompanied, naturally, by a wine tasting.

Address: Industrial District 7960-305 Vidigueira
Price: €45 p.p.

3. José de Sousa Winery

Activities at the Reguengos de Monsaraz winery started in August and will last until September 12th, with the possibility of choosing between a program with or without lunch included.

The visit to Adega Nova and Adega dos Potes and the tasting of three wines accompanied by regional products are part of the program without lunch. If you choose the included meal, you can count on gazpacho, chicken pies, cheeses and other regional delicacies, well accompanied by José de Sousa wines.

Address: Rua de Mourão 1, 7200-291 Reguengos de Monsaraz
Price: Program without lunch €30 p.p.; with lunch €55 p.p. (for children, youth and family prices, see website)

4. Casa Relvas

If you are looking for a vintage program with tradition in its essence, Casa Relvas has the solution.

The mythical house in Évora invites you to take a walk in the vineyard, explores the identification of grape varieties and sensory analysis of berries, seeds and stalks and allows you to experience the manual harvest. Afterwards, it is still possible to feel the grapes on foot and taste the musts and wines of Casa Relvas. To all this, there is also the possibility of staying a little longer and having lunch.
Address: Herdade da Pimenta, S. Miguel de Machede, 7005-752 Évora
Price: €40 p.p. without lunch; €70 p.p. with lunch

5. Ervideira

For everyone who has always wanted to participate in the creation of a wine, collaborating throughout the process, from the grape to the bottle, this is the program of choice.

At Ervideira, in addition to visiting the winery and tasting the wines in fermentation, the participants in this program will participate in the production of the “100 Pés” wine, whose grapes are completely trodden by visitors.

Later, depending on your choice, there is the possibility of enjoying a picnic in the shade of the plane trees of Ervideira or in the Ervideira Wine Terrace, in the village of Monsaraz.

Address: Herdadinha - Vendinha 7200-042 Reguengos de Monsaraz - Portugal
Price: €50 p.p. without picnic; €60 p.p. with picnic

6. Fita Preta

Starting on September 1st, Fitapreta, by winemaker António Maçanita, invites all those interested to dive into the essence of the region's grape harvest, with a unique program that will delight anyone who passes by.

Address: Paço do Morgado de Oliveira, EM527 Km10, Nossa Senhora da Graça do Divor, 7000-016 Évora
Price on request

7. Herdade do Rocim

At Herdade do Rocim, in Cuba, there are plenty of options to enjoy the harvest period.

From breakfast, to regional lunch at the Wine Bar da Adega, passing by the possibility of experiencing the fun stepping on foot in the stone press, it is up to each one to choose their favorite program to immerse themselves in the typical Alentejo flavours.

Address: Estrada Nacional 387 Apartado 64, 7940-909 Cuba
Price on request

8. João Portugal Ramos

To experience the harvest in Estremoz, the suggestion is to start with a visit to the city's viewpoint, with the right to harvest and experience the foot treading of grapes in marble presses, followed by a visit to the winery and cellars.

To complete this 4:30 am program, participants will also be able to enjoy a full vintage lunch.

Address: Vila Santa, Estrada Nacional 4, 7100-149 Estremoz
Price: €75 p.p.

9. Quinta do Quetzal

With what was considered the Best Restaurant in Alentejo 2018, at Quinta do Quetzal, wine tastings are accompanied by Alentejo snacks prepared there, after an unmissable visit to the winery.

Address: Estradas das Sesmarias, 7960 Vidigueira Portugal
Price on request

10. Santa Vitória

In two well filled hours, the producer from Beja, promises not to disappoint and make known, through knowledge and flavors, the Santa Vitória wines.

Dawn is at 11:00 am, when the vintage kits are delivered and quickly proceeds to a tour of the vineyards with the right to explain and pick the grapes. Later, the participants can count on a visit to the winery, directed by the oenologist Patrícia Peixoto.

Before ending the morning, a visit to the barrel cellar and a tasting of Santa Vitória wines, accompanied by regional snacks, are also planned.

Address: Sociedade Agro-Industrial, SA Herdade da Malhada 7800 - 730 Santa Vitória
Price: Harvest program €30 p.p. (per person) and lunch €35 p.p.

11. Torre de Palma

With a two-night program, the Monforte producer, Torre de Palma, guarantees a complete experience from vineyard to wine.

The program starts, on the first day, with a special dinner at the Palma restaurant. For the second day, visitors can enjoy a breakfast with selected regional products, followed by an introduction to the grape harvest in Torre de Palma and delivery of a kit for the occasion, a visit to the vineyards to discover the varieties and harvest manual of the grape. Afterwards, you must visit the cellar to taste the musts or wines produced by the house.

To close the festivities, participants can count on the offer of a bottle of Torre de Palma Tinto BASILII wine as a souvenir of the vintage.

Address: Herdade de Torre de Palma, 7450-250 Vaiamonte
Price on request

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