Wine Tourism 4.0 – Tastes and Experiences from Alentejo
The "Wine Tourism 4.0 - Tastes and Experiences from Alentejo" project was conceived within the scope of the Participatory Budget Portugal (OPP), and has the motto «From the vine to the glass». Until September 30th, vote for this project that aims above all to boost wine tourism in the Alentejo region. You can vote here:


Wine Tourism 4.0 - Tastes and Experiences from Alentejo begins in the vineyard and finishes in the winery, in the tavern and in all the scenarios related to the vineyard and the wine.

As the name of the project indicates, it is intended to reconcile the best of 3 worlds: the best of three worlds: tourism as the great industry of the century. XXI, associated and empowered by wine, traditions, knowledge and tastes (patrimonies) and the new tools that sustain the economy 4.0.

This project is divided in four fundamental topics that cover all the knowledges and flavors associated with vine and wine:
  • Vineyard, while agricultural act, landscape, castes, rurality;
  • Wine / producers, as the final product and consequence of all things, to which the main actors are associated, who makes the wine (producers);
  • Wineries and taverns, like the main stages;
  • Patrimonies / experiences and people, all the traditions, knowledges and flavors associated with wine.

It is intended for each of the eight wine-growing sub-regions of the Alentejo where there will be several actions involving local actors - producers, winemakers, local authorities, associations, tourist agents, citizens.

Wine Tourism 4.0 - Tastes and Experiences from Alentejo has as main objectives the creation of tools of last generation (4.0) to support enotourism: micro-site; app and collaborative platform, contribute to the greater internationalization of wine tourism in the Alentejo, contribute to the promotion of wine tourism, contribute to the fight against desertification and the constraints of some rural areas, among others. Learn more here.

The OPP is a democratic, direct and universal deliberative process through which people submit investment proposals and choose, through voting, which projects should be implemented in different areas of governance. These groups of proposals do not compete with each other, each having its financial allocation. Each region of the country will always be assured of the existence of winning PPP projects in its territory. Learn more about the Participatory Budget Portugal program here.

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