The 2nd edition of the Route of Snacks and Wines of Alentejo is here!
The logic of the 2nd Edition of the Route of Snacks and Wines of Alentejo gives continuity to the first in 2017. The restaurants in Lisbon that have joined the initiative of the Wine Commission of the Region of Alentejo (CVRA) have a special menu that brings together a tidbit from your letter to a glass of wine from an Alentejo producer for € 4.50, only between 29th September and 13th October.

But there is more than the Alentejo to discover this time around. The idea present in this second edition of the Route of Snacks and Wines of Alentejo is to run the world, accompanied by one of the excellent wines produced in the region. With the inclusion of other proposals outside of classic gastronomy, it is intended to demonstrate the versatility of Alentejo wines, perfect for a food paring not only with traditional Portuguese snacks but also among the most sophisticated flavors in the world.

The TOPO restaurants of Martim Moniz, Baixa-Chiado and Belém, By the Wine, Carnealentajana, Lost In, Companhia do Largo, Livraria-Bar Menina and Moça and Santos-O-Vinho repeat the experience, while on the newest side enter Chutnify, Chiveve, Malaca Too and Boteco da Dri. In all there are 14 restaurants - one more than in 2017 - where you can grab a bite and drink a glass for € 4.50.

See here the snacks and wines chosen by each restaurant.

The "celebration of Alentejo wines" is made with this proposal and ends with the 10th edition of Wines of Alentejo in Lisbon, from 13 to 15 October at the Centro Cultural de Belém (see more here).

Vinhos do Alentejo 2022