«Tabernas do Alentejo - art and science» - February 2019
On 28 February another edition «Tabernas do Alentejo - Art and Science» will be organized. Informal conversations that will hoston the presence of special guests and a main theme, with the collaboration of the CVRA - Alentejana Regional Winegrowing Commission.

The wine gathering will take place at the Hotel and Tourism School of Portalegre at 6 pm and the theme will be [The Terroir of this blessed land]. João Afonso is the guest speaker, with his wines from Cabeças do Reguengo for tasting.

In this edition there will also be a presentation at the Living Science Center of Estremoz at 7:30 pm, followed by an art presentation entitled "The sounds of this earth" by the Sowers.

The tertúlias will be followed by a vinous dinner, with the cost of 25 €. The dinner will be held at 8.30pm at the Hotel and Tourism School of Portalegre, with the wines of Cabeças do Reguengo. 
Dinner reservations must be made through the number: 245 009 200 or 245 009 211, until February 26 at 18:00.
The organization of the event provides transportation:

- Bus in Évora, at 4 pm in the Church of S. Francisco
- Bus in Estremoz, by 16.45h in Rossio, next to the City Hall

If there are a number of entries that justify it, these can be extended until February 27 at 12.00, sending SMS with name and number of people to: 939 255 131
The proposal of Carlos Cupeto, professor of the Department of Geosciences of the School of Sciences and Technology of the University of Évora, «Tabernas do Alentejo - art and science», whose motto is "Wine is the only work of art that one can drink" , was one of the winners of the Participatory Budget Portugal (OPP). The project runs through the Alentejo with holding of monthly meetings.

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