Producers can now ask for sustainable production certification
At a time of great uncertainty and future concern for the environment, we are witnessing a greater awareness of many consumers regarding the importance of production that is attentive to the impacts, among others, on biodiversity and ecosystems, the maintenance of a healthy vineyard and the promotion of a quality grape.

And, therefore, a certification of sustainable production on the wine label is not just another "seal", but a proof of carING and concern for our common future.

The Wines of Alentejo Sustainability Program (WASP) is an example of union between producers, who develop, improve and share the approaches to sustainability in production, which Alentejo Regional Winegrowing Commission  (CVRA) aspires to achieve. This program has proven to be differentiating, as it was the first program created in Portugal with a view to promoting the environmental, social and economic component of an entire wine region. Sustainable production is not just about the vine and wine, but everything around it.

We can say that it is almost like a "state of mind" of the place. In total there are 422 members who are already part of this program, which represent almost 50% of the Alentejo vineyard area, and which may be certified. CVRA has developed a normative reference, in collaboration with four Certifying Entities, namely Bureau Veritas, SGS, Certis and Sativa, with the aim of allowing the evaluation of the implementation of the program in the members, with a view to their Certification.

This certification will allow the certified WASP member to communicate in their final product, as well as in all their documentation and institutional marketing, creating a clear competitive advantage, and having more arguments in tenders abroad, as more and more of these requirements are being asked for at the decision level.
Vinhos do Alentejo 2022