Practical Course Wine Longevity and Aging Markers, between Yin and Yang
In a very dynamic international wine market, increasingly demanding in terms of product quality, it is necessary to know the potential of oxidative aging in bottling to define the itinerary, form of transport and packaging in the cellar.

• Introduction to the concept;
• Free and combined sulfur;
• Index of varietal flavor precursors;
• Aging potential indices:
pinking, light taste, smoke taint,
herbaceous, phenols, DMS;
• Potential organoleptic defects;
• Antioxidant potential (PAT);
• Metals;
• Short chain fatty acids;
• New oxidation markers;
• Brettanomyces and its phenolic character;
• Microbiological and chemical diagnostic tools for aging;
• Indications for the preparation of low sulfur wines.

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Technical staff with functions in the areas of production and / or regulation - Viticulture and Oenology, suppliers, students and other professionals related to the sector.

Antonio Palacios, University of Rioja, Excell Iberian Laboratory

1/2 day (9am to 1pm)
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Vinhos do Alentejo 2022