Partnership between CVRA and CEBAL aims for a more technological and sustainable Wine Sector

The Alentejo Regional Winegrowing Commission (CVRA) and the Center for Agricultural and Agro-Food Biotechnology of Alentejo (CEBAL) recently signed a protocol of cooperation, with the objective of joining efforts to make the wine sector more technological and to leverage sustainable development more effective and aligned in economic, social and environmental terms.

This collaboration arose from the various work interactions that occurred within the scope of projects that each entity promotes and that focus on the theme of environmental sustainability.

The Sustainability Plan for Alentejo Wines (PSVA), a project developed by CVRA in partnership with the University of Évora, is an innovative approach in Portugal with the objective of supporting wine producers in improving their environmental, social and economic performance. activity and thus increase the competitiveness of the region's wines in world markets and affirm the Alentejo brand in the domestic and foreign markets.

From the CEBAL perspective, the technology transfer project, TeCMeM - Membrane in Motion Technology, aims to disseminate and transfer scientific and technological knowledge in the area of ​​membrane separation technology, with a particular focus on water treatment and recovery residues of agro-food industries in the Alentejo Region.

These projects have set the stage for a more concrete collaboration. The implementation of sustainable practices, the valorization of wine products, technological development and innovation in the field, together with the training and updating of knowledge, are, in general terms, the purpose of this partnership between CVRA and CEBAL.

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