One day in São Miguel - 25th May

Casa Relvas opens the doors of the Herdade de São Miguel and promotes the event "A day in São Miguel", where wine lovers, but also lovers of the countryside, and the Alentejo, and their families, may spend a different day and very lively.

On May 25th, from 2:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. various will be the reasons for a trip to the Redondo is a pleasant surprise. Wine tastings, gastronomy, handicrafts, music, regional products, traditional games and demonstrations of arts and crafts of the region will show a little of the much that the Alentejo has to offer.

As a backdrop, the Herdade de São Miguel invites you to spend time outdoors, enjoying the landscape, the vineyards, the wine, but also many activities and entertainment.

From 2:00 p.m., the entrance is made by presenting the bracelet, which can be purchased locally, or bought online in advance - - for € 10 for adults, and which includes a glass with which they will be able to taste, for free, the wines Herdade de São Miguel. Children under 18 years old, accompanied by adults, have free access.

Once on the estate, all visitors can explore the area, explore the attractions and sign up for the available wine tastings - for which it is also possible, and advised, to pre-register by email Limited to 50 people per theme, there are three options:

At 15:00 Nuno Franco, winemaker of Casa Relvas will present the "Castes de São Miguel", at 5:00 p.m., it will be the turn of Alexandre Relvas to make a retrospective of "15 years of Herdade de São Miguel" and at 6:30 p.m., João Paulo Martins, reference will lead the "Alentejo and its Talhas" event, which will include not only Casa Relvas' carving wines, but also other good examples of this ancestral way of making wine, currently with increasing demand. In parallel with the wine tasting, several other activities will be available.

For lovers of the flavors of the Alentejo there will be many options. Two bars will be available to serve the Herdade de São Miguel wine, as well as waters and handmade lemonade. For snacks - from the 100% acorn ham to the barbecue, from the regional cheeses and sausages to the convent candies, to the Alentejo bread and the escarpada (traditional Redondo cake), you only need to buy the respective passwords in the store where you can also buy Casa Relvas. And even the refreshing flavors of the Santini ice cream will miss this party, celebrating its 70th anniversary.

But the animation will be permanent, from music to the arts, there will always be something happening. And when the Relvas family opens the doors of home, it is for everyone, so the young ones also have a lot to choose from, and participate! From the traditional games to the shearing of the sheep and the potters' wheels, and the whole field to run and play, the promise is to end the day filled with memories and stories to tell.

There is also time to relax in the sun or shade and enjoy the various musical moments. The Cante Alentejano with the "Round Troubadours" opens the hostilities, at 4:15 pm, but several surprises follow, either with the "Seven Dixie", the jazz band of improvisation that will contribute to a relaxed atmosphere during the event, with the group "Os 2", the musical pair of Miguel Costa and João Maria Baio that acts at 6pm and promises a lot of fun. To finish big, around 7:45 pm, it's Tim, the Xutos & Pontapés vocalist who does not need any presentations, who goes up on stage for an acoustic concert for the farewell.

In this exhibition of the Alentejo, and its knowledges and flavors, handicraft also has a prominent place, with the presence of several artisans, who not only present their products, but also the typical colored furniture, but also demonstrate their arts, as the Floridas Streets, which in addition to decorating the space, will demonstrate how flowers work on paper.

With great enthusiasm and good disposition, time passes even slowly in good company!
Vinhos do Alentejo 2022