Oenophile Confraternity of Alentejo distinguishes “Best Alentejo Wines 2017”

In collaboration with the Alentejo Regional Winegrowing Commission (CVRA), the Confraternity of the Oenophlies from Alentejo organized the fourth edition of the "Best Wines of  Alentejo". The winners of the competition were known this Saturday, November 18th.

The initiative aims to distinguish the quality of Alentejo production and to inform consumers about the best that is produced in the region.

The Contest included 132 wines produced in the Alentejo, certified as Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC) or Alentejo Regional Wine (IG). There were no restrictions on the maximum number of wines per producer, only having to be properly bottled and legally labeled, with information regarding the year of harvest and bearing the corresponding certification stamps.

Three wines won the Prize of Excellence

Talha de Ouro
Poliphonia – Reserva Branco 2016
Granacer – Administração de Bens, SA
Talha de Ouro
Valcatrina by Santos Lima – Rosado 2016
Casa Santos Lima – Compª. das Vinhas, SA
Talha de Ouro
Vinhas da Ira – Tinto 2011
H. Uva, SA

Check the full list of prizes here.

The jury was composed of national and international wine journalists, representatives of the Portuguese Oenology Association, the Portuguese Association of Scenarios, the Regional Winegrowing Commission from Alentejo, the University of Évora and the Confraternity of Oenophiles from Alentejo.

The Alentejo Best Wines Competition aims to stimulate the production of quality wines, enhancing the quality of the region´s wines, as well as contributing to the dissemination of Alentejo Wines.

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