Jean Stelmach is "The Best Sommelier Wines of the Alentejo in Brazil 2019"
Jean Stelmach is the winner of the 6th edition of the competition "The Best Sommelier in Alentejo Wine in Brazil", promoted by CVRA - Regional Wine Commission Alentejana, whose finalissima was held this Friday at the Mar D'Ar Muralhas hotel in Évora.

After a theoretical test on the Alentejo region and its wines, the eight finalists of the competition carried out a practical examination of simulation of service of Alentejo wines in a restaurant context, at which time they had to answer directly to the questions of "clients" and jurors Francisco Mateus (chairman of the CVRA), Alexandre Lalas (Brazilian journalist and wine critic) and Rodolfo Tristão (Wine Director of the José Avillez group).

The first stage of the contest took place in the Brazilian cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Florianópolis. In workshop format, different participants had access to a set of information about the wines and the Alentejo region, and then verified their knowledge in a first theoretical test.
This resulted in two winners per city. Already in Portugal, the eight finalists had the opportunity to meet in loco different realities of Alentejo wines, having completed a tour of a week by the region.
The course culminated in the finale, played by Cláudio Madeira, Itane Borges, Jose Luiz Neto Perna, Alexandre Takei, Paulo Limarque, Neri Bonacina and Elvis Baltar.

This is an annual contest that the Alentejo Wines promoted for the first time in 2014. It is an initiative that makes the relationship between the Alentejo and Brazil even closer. Having been the country where the Alentejo Wines most exported in 2018, it is important to have professionals who know the specificities and characteristics of them.

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