FSC Friday promotes the conscious use of forest resources in the wine sector
FSC Friday is celebrated world-wide, on 28 September and this year, in Portugal it is intended to highlight the importance of using products from well-managed forests to protect forest resources and the relevance of consumer choices, helping create a positive change through the power of market dynamics.

This year, FSC Friday will be celebrated by FSC Portugal, with a Wine Dinner, in a session where wine producers and bottlers, cork stopper producers, graphic artists and all other agents related to the wine sector will be invited to share experiences on the sustainability model in your business.

Corks for corks, paper and cardboard packaging and labels, as well as wooden barrels, are some examples of the products that our forest offers and which should be the subject of a guarantee of sustainable provenance.

The wine sector has a close relationship with the forest, and in this sense, FSC Portugal has developed a partnership with the Alentejo Regional Wine Commission, which, through its integration into the Sustainability Program of Alentejo Wines, encourages its producers to use of FSC certified products.

The participation of the FSC in this initiative, has the support of several certified organizations, such as 2BForest, ACHAR, Altri Florestal, Amorim & Irmãos, Cartonagem Trindade, Cerna, Fibromade, Finieco, JG - Graphic Arts (Euro2), Olegário Fernandes, Tetra Pak and Unimadeiras, highlighting the importance of forest certification and its contribution to promote an environmentally adequate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of forests.
Vinhos do Alentejo 2022