CVRA takes Wines of Alentejo's certification process to the consumer

Consumers will become more knowledgeable about the certification of Alentejo wines arriving at their table. The communication of the entire process, in a simple and objective way, has just been launched by the Regional Winegrowing Commission of Alentejo (CVRA) and aims to demonstrate the various phases of certification, from the approval of the location and soil where the vineyard is planted, selection of grape varieties, to laboratory analyzes, sensory tests and control of wines already on the market.
This project includes the participation of some national brands and companies, such as: Continente, Joachim Koerper, in the context of catering, Rita Nabeiro in the voice of the producers and the Institute of Vine and Wine, of the Ministry of Agriculture, as public authority of the sector, and will show consumers the importance of a process with which they are unfamiliar.
Francisco Mateus, President of CVRA, said that this communication "is aimed at consumers to help them make more informed choices, and can also support producers to demonstrate the rigor behind DOC Alentejo and Regional Alentejo wines that they sell on national and international market, reinforcing the region's notoriety ".
The process carried out by CVRA complies with the norm NP EN ISO / IEC 17067, complying with international certification standards.

Visit the new digital asset on the certification process here.

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