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Commented Tastings

Alentejo: Variety of castes and styles

Manuel Moreira / 13 Oct - 18:00 / Tasting Room 1
The Alentejo is one of the most creative and current wine producing regions. There, wines are produced that are born from a remarkable diversity of grape varieties and landscapes, which result in a multiplicity of styles. Will you really know Alentejo wines? ...

Antão Vaz, Arinto and cheeses: A trilogy to respect

Alexandre Lalas and Eduardo Maya / 13 Oct - 19:30 / Tasting Room 1
The two most emblematic white grapes of the Alentejo, together prove the value of the sum is worth more than the individual values. Understand the reason in this commented test.


Welcome Immigrants

Manuel Moreira / 14 Oct - 16:30 / Tasting Room 1
Many already know the strength of foreign grapes such as syrah in the Alentejo lands. But among the white strains there are also several examples of castes outside the Alentejo (Portuguese and foreign) that came and contributed a lot to the diversity of the region.


Alentejo: From Talha wines to the new world

Alexandre Lalas / 14 Oct - 18:30 / Tasting Room 1
The Alentejo is considered as one of the most avant-garde wine producing regions in Portugal. But there is much more to discover beyond a whole new world of producers and generations of professionals. After all, the history of the wine of carving, now so in vogue, is written right there in the Alentejo.


Conversations about Wine / Manuel Moreira and José João Santos

Who said that wine is just a topic of conversation for some? Advice and practical tips on Alentejo wines to become an authentic wine lover.
- October 13th
16:00 / Wine from Talha alentejanos, the return of an ancient tradition: Manuel Moreira
17:00 / Alentejo whites, revolution in progress: José João Santos
- October 14th
15:30 / Alentejo reds for the day-to-day: Manuel Moreira
16:30 / Luscious Alentejans: José João Santos
17:30 / Alicante Bouschet, in the Alentejo by adoption, Alentejana by vocation: José João Santos
18:30 / Wines from the Alentejo for the Christmas dinner: José João Santos


A Alentejo of experiences

Never before has wine and gastronomy achieved such prominence and tourism has never been as important as ever for the development of the territories. Linking wine and gastronomy to tourism is therefore to potentiate important strategic sectors and open up an endless number of new opportunities ... and discoveries.

- Chef Marlene Vieira & Manuel Moreira / 13 Oct - 18:30 / Showroom 2

- Chef José Júlio Vintém & Manuel Moreira / 14 Oct - 18:30 / Showroom 2

14th October / 20:00 - Luísa Sobral concert

Participant producers:
- Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba e Alvito
- Adega de Borba
- Adega de Portalegre Winery
- Adega de Redondo
- Adega do Monte Branco
- Adega Herdade das Aldeias de Juromenha Lda
- Adega Mayor
- Amareleza Vinhos
- Anta de Cima - Argilla Wines
- Antonio Maçanita Winemaker
- Aromas do Sul
- Azamor
- Casa Agrícola HMR Vidigueira Winelands
- Casa Santos Lima
- Comenda Grande
- Cooperativa Agrícola de Granja, CRL
- Cortes de Cima
- Divai
- Dona Dorinda
- Dona Maria - Julio Bastos
- Ervideira
- Esporão
- Fundação Abreu Callado
- Fundação Eugénio de Almeida
- Grupo Bacalhôa
- Hacienda Branca
- Herdade da Calada
- Herdade da Farizoa - Companhia das Quintas
- Herdade da Madeira Velha, S.A.
- Herdade da Malhadinha Nova
- Herdade da Maroteira
- Herdade da Mingorra
- Herdade da Mingorra
- Herdade da Rocha
- Herdade das Barras
- Herdade das Servas
- Herdade do Arrepiado Velho
- Herdade do Peso
- Herdade do Pombal
- Herdade dos Coteis
- Herdade dos Grous
- Herdade dos Lagos
- Herdade dos Machados
- Herdade Fonte Paredes
- Herdade Grande
- Herdade Paço do Conde
- Herdade Penedo Gordo
- Herdade São Miguel
- Howards Folly
- J. Costa Vargas Vinhos
- Joao M. Barbosa Vinhos
- João Portugal Ramos Vinhos
- Lima Mayer & Companhia
- Luís Duarte Vinhos
- Marcolino Sêbo
- Monte da Capela
- Monte da Penha
- Monte da Raposinha
- Monte da Ravasqueira
- Monte dos Perdigões
- Monte Novo e Figueirinha
- Morais Rocha Wines
- Mouchão
- Nunes Barata Vinhos
- Paço dos Infantes - Enolea
- Paulo Laureano Vinus
- Quinta da Plansel
- Quinta do Mouro
- Quinta do Quetzal
- Reynolds Wine Growers
- RG Rovisco Garcia
- Ribafreixo Wines
- Rocim
- Roquevale
- Solar dos Lobos
- Sovibor - Soc. Vinhos de Borba, S.A.
- Terras de Alter
- Tiago Cabaço Winery
​- Torre de Palma
- Torre do Frade & Virgo
- Vicentino
- Vinha das Virtudes
- Vinhos Margaça
- VolteFace  

Vinhos do Alentejo 2022