China is discovering the Wines of Alentejo

The Chinese market is already the fifth most important export of Alentejo wines and promises to continue to grow. Another bet of the Alentejo Regional Winegrowing Commission for foreign sales is Latin America, with Colombia and Mexico in particular.

The People's Republic of China is already the fifth largest export market of Alentejo wines in value. According to data obtained by Jornal Económico, this market consumed around 3.9 million euros of Alentejo wines in the accumulated period of 12 months between October 2017 and September 2018. In volume, the export of wines from the Alentejo region for China in the period under review was more than 1 million liters. The Chinese market recorded an increase in exports of Alentejo wines of 14.4% in value and 6.1% in volume in the period in question, in addition to an average price increase of 7.9%.

In this ranking of exports of Alentejo wines - DOC (Controlled Origin Denomination) wine and regional wine - Brazil, Angola, the United States and Switzerland were the largest markets in terms of value and volume. Except for the five major export markets, in addition to the growth in value in China, only Brazil had a similar behavior (up 13.3%) in the twelve months between October 2017 and September 2018, since destinations of Angola, Switzerland and the United States registered decreases in value of 35.2%, 0.9% and 13.7%, respectively.
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