Brazilian sommeliers will compete in the final of the competition in Alentejo

Contest Best Sommelier in Alentejo 2023' will select the professionals for the grand final, in Portugal - 21 Brazilian sommeliers are still in the dispute.
The historical bond between Brazil and Portugal is, of course, also linked to wine! A protagonist in the consumption of Portuguese wines in our country, the Alentejo region is a source of knowledge, information and experiences for Brazilian professionals, who are on the countdown to the 'Best Sommelier in Alentejo 2023 Contest'.
Sommeliers from different cities in Brazil have already passed the first phase of the selection, which had more than 50 applicants submitted to a tasting about the Alentejo, its wines and culture. Of these, 21 professionals move on to the next stage, in June, which consists of a practical test in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Are they:
  • Bruno Margulhano (SC) - Florence Wines
  • Cassia Campos (SP) - Headquarters 261 and Huevos de Oro
  • David Ferreira Cardoso (SP) - Armazen Balardin
  • Diego Arrebola (SP) - EntreCopos Consulting
  • Estela Mayra Teles dos Santos (SP) - Evino
  • Flávio Azevedo Antonio (ES) - Sommelier's House and Sommelier Course
  • Guilherme Balbino (PR) - Balbino & Martins Wine Store and Bar
  • Hugo César Castro (MG) - Hotel Fasano Belo Horizonte
  • José Eduardo Pereira Barboza (SP) - Brazilian Association of Sommeliers - ABS-SP
  • Marcela Celeguim (SP) - Rosewood Sao Paulo
  • Marcelo Marques de Abreu (RJ) – Independent Sommelier
  • Marcus Vinícius Mezadri (ES) - Hotel Portal da Lua
  • Marina Garritano (RJ) - Coltivi
  • Pedro Barcellos (RJ) - Bazzar à Vins
  • Ricardo Bock Camargo (SC) - The Wine Pub Brava
  • Ricardo Graciano Vieira (SP) - SBSomm
  • Sergio Novelli Musolino (SP) - Bekaa Wine Club and Decanter Riebirão Preto
  • Tatiane da Silva Gomes (ES) - Sommelier House and Sommelier Course
  • Vinicius da Silva Conde (SP) - Eniwine
  • Vinícius de Miranda Santiago (RS) - Víssimo/Evino Group and Grand Cru
  • William Fernando Kellermann Silveira (RS) - Sommelier and consultant

After the practical test, 6 finalists will be selected, who will compete in the final of the competition in Portugal, in 2023. OIV), Paulo Brammer (EnoCultura) and Ricardo Farias (ABS-RJ).
The 'Best Sommelier in Alentejo Contest 2023' is organized by Exponor in association with sommelier Eduardo Araújo, formed by SENAC-SC, by the Culinary Institute of America and Certified Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers, with a degree in California, WSET Level 3. In 2017, he was elected the Best Sommelier in Brazil for Wines from Portugal.
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