«Best Wines of Alentejo 2020» Contest
The Oenophile Brotherhood of Alentejo will organize next Thursday, June 5th, in the new facilities of the Rota dos Vinhos do Alentejo, in Évora, a new space with a multimedia and interactive concept, with the aim of increasing wine tourism in the region.

In this space tourists are invited to travel through the history of wine in the region, the ancestral tradition of Talha wine, the soils and grape varieties, the sustainability of the region and the various wine tourism that make up the Alentejo Wine Route.
This is the 8th edition of this competition, which aims to reward not only the quality of the wine produced in the Alentejo that reaches levels of excellence, but also to introduce consumers to a new generation of winemakers and producers, increasingly better prepared, focused quality and innovation.

The Tasting Juries will be made up of 'Experienced Wine Tasters', namely, Tastors from the Portuguese Winemaking Association, from the Portuguese Sommelier Association, from the University of Évora, from the Alentejo Regional Winegrowing Commission (CVRA), from the Food Security Authority and Economics, the Oenophile Brotherhood of Alentejo, oenologists and journalists.

The Competition of the previous year presented some innovations in the regulation, to reinforce the notoriety of wines with higher scores and highlighted by the Jury and consequent distinction and valorization of the prizes awarded.

The head-judge of the Oenophile Brotherhood of Alentejo commented, “the awarded wines presented high quality, with a differentiated profile, very balanced in aroma and flavor, with structure, elegance and great longevity. Wines that allow diversity and choice for the most enlightened and demanding consumer, whether for immediate consumption or to wait patiently for the perfect moment for their consumption. The quality highlighted by the Tasting Jury, praises the real effort that has been made over time by all the players in the sector, especially the Wine Producers, who continue to deserve the credibility and recognition of the markets, both nationally and internationally. International".
The winners will be announced soon.

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