What if your wine of choice contributed to help care for our forest?

CVRA & FSC® are united aiming for a responsible forest management through the use of certified products.

• Partnership reinforces CVRA's commitment to the practice of sustainable measures.

The Alentejo Regional Winegrowing Commission (CVRA) joins the FSC®, Forest Stewardship Council®, in recognition of the valorization of responsible forest management through the use of certified products and its promotion to the Wines of Alentejo producers and bottlers.

With this partnership, the CVRA intends to reinforce its commitment to the practice of sustainable measures promoted by the Wines of Alentejo Sustainability Plan, which focuses on the responsible use of natural resources. Responsible forest management is increasingly a national design.

The use of certified products of forest origin is a practice with increasing and conscious appreciation in the choices of the consumers.

When we think of a bottle of wine, the idea of ​​protecting the forest may not be behind it, but the truth is that many of its components are of forest origin. The cork stopper, the paper label, the carton or wood carton, or even the oak barrels where the wine matures, are products that come from the forest and must be subject to a guarantee of sustainable provenance.

To implement this partnership, CVRA joined the trademark service provider (TSP), a program that aims to monitor the promotional use of FSC trademarks, becoming one of the non-certified entities authorized to promote the FSC system.

The commitment to responsible forest management presupposes satisfying the social, ecological and economic rights of the present generation, without compromising future generations, with FSC certification, the guarantee for companies and consumers, that the products they buy come from responsible sources, and which support the conservation of forest areas, allowing the market to be an incentive for better forest management.

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