Amphora Wine Day 2019 at Herdade do Rocim

On the next 16th of November, from 2pm until 7pm, Rocim Wines Estate will host an event dedicated to Amphora Wine. In a time where Portugal is gaining more reputation abroad from its diversity, by the singularity of the land, the authenticity of Portuguese products, this is the right time to celebrate an ancestral tradition in Alentejo.

The Amphora wine is a symbol of a millenary culture that was preserved in Alentejo, mostly by the strong belief of the people in keeping a tipical product, where local knowledge and flavours are binded in a unique expression of perseverance, contributing for the success of a renowned Alentejo region.

Knowing there are different ways of producing Amphora Wines in Portugal and in the rest of the world, with different identified styles, we are expecting to welcome other interpretations of Amphora wines from different latitudes, not only aiming to enrich this very special day but also to elevate this noble wine.

After the success of the first edition of Amphora Wine Day 2018, a pioneer event in Portugal, Herdade do Rocim will carry out the second edition of the event on November 16, 2019.

List of participating producers here.

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Ticket Value: 7 € with Riedel glass offer.

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