Alentejo promotes free webinars for wine experts and wine lovers

Webinars reinvent face-to-face events and feature specialized speakers in the world of wine.

The Alentejo Regional Winegrowing Commission (CVRA) announces that, between February 26th and March 31st, free webinar sessions will take place for all those interested and willing to learn more about the world of wines.

The current situation of confinement prevents the presence of face-to-face events, which is why CVRA created the online initiative to allow interested parties to acquire knowledge on the most varied topics, namely, wine tasting, wine tourism, sustainability and the entire wine production process. creation of wines, from the grape to the bottle.

More information and registration here.

Opening the sessions, on February 26, at 5 pm, the initiative “Tasting like a professional” takes place, which is hosted by Teresa Gomes, sommelier and wineneducator, and Luís Pedro Amorim, director of the CVRA Laboratory.
In this session, participants will learn how to taste a wine and how to feel and identify aromas.

The second webinar “Wine Tourism: Present and Future”, to be held on March 5, at 3 pm, will include the participation of the Director of the Department of Promotion of Resources, Teresa Ferreira, of the president of APENO (Portuguese Winetourism Association), Maria João Almeida, and the president of the Regional Tourism Promotion Agency of Alentejo, Vítor Silva, who will debate the current panorama of national wine tourism and provide necessary tools for the preparation of the future.

This is followed by the webinar “Women around Wine”, which takes place on March 8, at 5 pm, where the speakers Cecília do Carmo, producer at Adega do Montado, Sandra Gonçalves, winemaker at Dona Maria Wines, and Maria Pica, export director at Quinta do Paral, share their experiences in the world of wines first hand.

On March 18, at 3 pm, the session “Sustainability: the Future of Wines” will take place, with the presence of João Barroso, coordinator of the Wines of Alentejo Sustainability Program (WASP), Clara Roque do Vale, producer from Casa Clara, Helena Ferreira, director of production and quality at Adega de Borba and Luís Duarte, winemaker at Herdade dos Grous, to discuss the adoption of practices transversal to business sustainability, from the harvest to commercialization.

“From Grape to Bottle” is the theme of March 25th, starting at 3 pm, with speakers José Miguel d´Almeida, president of ATEVA, winemaker Paulo Laureano, Maria João Cabrita, professor at the University of Évora, Arlindo Rato, director of the certification department of CVRA and Rita Tavares, Assistant Winemaker at Sovibor. Under discussion will be the entire wine creation process, from the time of grape harvest to the final product, going through the control and certification process.

At the end of the initiative, on March 31, the webinar “Wine Market Opportunities in Brazil” will take place, in which participants will be able to explore topics such as the growth of the online wine market. Francisco Mateus, president of CVRA, explains that “this is an event that aims to promote the work of Alentejo wine producers and maintain the dynamism so characteristic of the region. Since we are prevented from holding face-to-face events, it is necessary to reinvent ourselves and choose solutions that allow us to make our region's wines known."
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