Alentejo leads in wines

Data for 2018 and presented during the Annual Wine Forum of Portugal, sponsored by ViniPortugal, show that Alentejo remains the leading wine market leader in Portugal.

Whether in value or quantity, Alentejo occupies values close to 40% of the national total.

Alentejo is also a prominent leader in exports, with 35.7%. At this level, Portugal has increased its exports and is already the ninth largest exporter of wine in the world with a total of 803 million euros of wine exported. Maria João Dias, from the Institute of Vine and Wine (IVV) revealed that by 2022 she expects to reach the billion euros of wine exported,

France imports the most from Portuguese wine, followed by Germany, Angola, the United Kingdom and the United States, with the wine market accounting for 45.2% of total national exports.
Vinhos do Alentejo 2022