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2016-10-07 "Art of Living" tasting in Munich More
2019-04-15 Rota dos Vinhos do Alentejo - Wine Tastings More
2016-11-21 Oenophile Confraternity of Alentejo distinguishes “Best Alentejo Wines 2016” More
2016-11-19 "Cities of Wine – Alentejo, how to benefit?" lecture in S. Vicente Church More
2017-01-09 Alentejo Wine Route Tasting room hosts lecture about wine More
2016-10-28 CINVE 2017 - International Wine Contest More
2016-10-24 Wine lecture with the president of the CVRA to be held in Évora More
2016-10-14 "Best Mediterranean Restaurant 2016" More
2016-10-04 "Grand Mediterranean Tasting of Wines and Olive Oils from Alentejo" in Lisbon More
2016-10-03 More than 100.000 followers on Facebook More
2017-01-17 Alentejo distinguished with "Special Prize Passion for Wine" More
2017-01-15 Alentejo Regional Winegrowing Comission hosts first "In tasting with..." of 2017 More
2017-02-03 Sarah Ahmed returned to Alentejo to visit Portalegre sub-region More
2017-02-06 "Best Wines of Alentejo Sommelier from Brazil" - Finalists are already in Alentejo! More
2017-02-10 Wallace Gonçalves Neves is the "Best Wines of Alentejo Sommelier from Brazil" More
2017-02-18 CVRA elected the best wine organization of the year! More
2017-02-21 "Vine and Wine in Évora" lecture to be held next thursday More
2017-02-27 Alentejo reds lead the Top 10 of the Wine Essence More
2017-03-11 "Wine and Taberns in Évora" lecture to be held on 30th March More
2017-03-13 Wines of Alentejo in Prowein 2017 More
2017-04-24 Wine Market at Vitória Stone Hotel exclusive for Wines of Alentejo More
2017-03-24 ProWein 2017 exceeded all expectations! More
2017-04-14 "Wine and Culture" in Évora this month More
2017-03-21 Wines of Alentejo expand presence in the USA More
2017-04-23 CVRA present at the "10th Nacional Enoturism Congress" in Spain More
2017-05-15 The Alentejo Wine Route welcomed more than 140.000 visitors in 2016 More
2017-05-11 "The vine before wine" lecture in Évora More
2017-05-20 Alentejo leads the awards at the Wines of Portugal Challenge 2017 More
2017-05-19 Alentejo Amphora wines will be at the Sommelier Wine Market in Lisbon More
2017-05-26 Sustainability: Future4Wine in Évora More
2017-05-23 Alentejo in Brazil for the 4th "Wines of Portugal" event More
2017-05-28 Wines of Alentejo trainings lectures in Brazil More
2017-06-03 Aproxima Vinhos do Alentejo market in Belo Horizonte More
2017-06-01 Lonely Planet placesAlentejo in the top 10 destinations for 2017 More
2017-06-19 Wines of Alentejo and Taste Mediterranean are back to London More
2017-06-19 CVRA will be at the São João fair in Évora More
2017-07-03 Wines of Alentejo return to Zurich More
2017-07-14 Wines of Alentejo at the FIFA Museum More
2017-07-15 Talha Wines of Alentejo workshop in the Lisbon Tasting Room More
2017-09-27 Wines of Alentejo in Lisbon 2017 More
2017-08-28 Wines of Alentejo return to Brazil for grand tastings More
2017-08-21 5th edition of the "The Best Sommelier Wines of Alentejo in Brazil" competition More
2017-09-05 Wines of Alentejo return to Germany with ViniPortugal More
2017-09-26 Wines of Alentejo in Hamburg More
2017-09-08 Rock in Rio Festival with Wines of Alentejo happy hour More
2017-09-25 Wines of Alentejo exports increased in the first semester compared to 2016 More
2017-10-02 See here the full program for our Wines of Alentejo tastings in Lisbon! More
2017-10-10 Route of Petiscos and Wines of Alentejo starts on the 15th More
2017-10-23 "Wines that Think" lecture on the 26th October More
2017-11-07 The Alentejo Wine Route will visit Poland to promote the region's wine tourism More
2017-10-20 "Energy Production for Self-consumption from Photovoltaic & Financing Model" Workshop More
2017-11-13 Wines of Alentejo exports increased 21.8% in value and 11.2% in quantity until September More
2017-11-19 "Coisas de Vinho" lecture in Vidigueira on the 23rd November More
2017-11-18 Oenophile Confraternity of Alentejo distinguishes “Best Alentejo Wines 2017” More
2017-11-21 CVRA takes Wines of Alentejo's certification process to the consumer More
2017-12-04 Last "Coisas de Vinho" lecture of the year to be held at Évora Hotel More
2017-12-08 Évora - Wine Intelligence - Performance studies on Wines of Alentejo in the US and Brazil presented by the CVRA More
2017-12-18 Happy Holydays! More
2018-01-05 Alentejo Wine Route willl be at FITUR 2018 - International Tourism Fair More
2018-01-19 Coisas de Vinho - [Wine and (non) Alcoholism] More
2018-01-15 Who will be "The Best Sommelier of Wines of Alentejo in Brazil" 2018? More
2018-01-12 Visit our stand at FITUR and win a weekend at the Alentejo Wine Route! More
2018-01-30 Frederico Benjamim de Souza Nunes is the "Best Wines of Alentejo Sommelier in Brazil" More
2018-02-02 Alentejo enotourism will be at BTL - Lisbon Travel Market More
2018-02-19 Coisas de Vinho - [Wine Tourism] More
2018-02-14 Wines of Alentejo in the United States More
2018-02-20 Visit BTL - Lisbon Travel Market and win a weekend on the Alentejo Wine Route! More
2018-02-26 Alentejo can increase up to 800 hectares for wine production in 2018 More
2018-03-05 Wines of Alentejo tasted in Luanda More
2018-02-26 WASP- Waste Management Workshop More
2018-03-16 29 Wines of Alentejo producers will be at Prowein 2018 More
2018-03-14 Coisas de Vinho - [Wine and Literature] More
2018-03-21 Wines of Alentejo showcased their excellency at Prowein More
2018-04-04 Partnership between CVRA and CEBAL aims for a more technological and sustainable Wine Sector More
2018-04-09 Coisas de Vinho 19th April - [Wine at the end of the afternoon] More
2018-04-18 What if your wine of choice contributed to help care for our forest? More
2018-04-11 Wines of Alentejo return to the FIFA World Museum More
2018-04-23 Wines of Alentejo Sustainability Plan awarded "Outstanding Investment" prize More
2018-05-07 Coisas de Vinho - [Vine and Biodiversity] More
2018-05-25 ÉvoraWine gathers 40 producers and more than 200 Wines of Alentejo More
2018-05-30 Wines of Alentejo present at the largest Portuguese wine event in Brazil More
2018-06-13 Coisas de Vinho [Wine and Folks Parties] - 21st June More
2018-06-20 Wine Tourism 4.0 – Tastes and Experiences from Alentejo More
2018-06-25 Aproxima Vinhos do Alentejo market in Belo Horizonte 2018 More
2018-06-29 The Alentejo Wine Route will have a new "home" in the center of Évora More
2018-07-13 Wine producers are saving up to 30% in water and energy with WASP More
2018-07-12 Boston and Newark welcome two Wines of Alentejo "Masterclasses" More
2018-08-06 Annual Event "Wines of the Alentejo in Lisbon" More
2018-09-16 Wines of Alentejo in Brazil 2018 More
2018-09-20 6th edition of the "The Best Sommelier Wines of Alentejo in Brazil" competition More
2018-09-10 FSC Friday promotes the conscious use of forest resources in the wine sector More
2018-09-26 Alentejo Wine Rout celebrates World Tourism Day with free tastings More
2018-09-27 The 2nd edition of the Route of Snacks and Wines of Alentejo is here! More
2018-10-19 Wine can be sustainable and the Alentejo wants to prove it More
2018-10-10 "The History of Vine and Wine in Alentejo" - book presentation at the Alentejo Wine Route More
2018-11-05 Wines of Alentejo registered a 9% increase in the price of Exports in 2018 More
2018-10-31 November 11th is the day to open the amphoras More
2018-11-05 11th Alentejo Vine and Wine Symposium More
2018-10-24 Vine and Wine Festival 2018 More
2018-05-31 Tabernas do Alentejo - art and science, supported by OPP More
2018-11-21 The 2018 Best Wines of Alentejo have been announced More
2018-12-10 WASP - WORKSHOP: Preferential & Ecological Purchases More
2018-12-14 The winning tasting! - Alentejo Wine Route More
2018-12-27 Sepultura launch a wine from Alentejo More
2019-01-14 Wines of Alentejo will travel to Texas in February More
2019-01-07 Who will be "The Best Sommelier of Wines of Alentejo in Brazil" 2019? More
2019-01-22 Wines of Alentejo Sustainability Program on Canal Q, with Fernando Alvim More
2019-02-04 The Guardian considers Alentejo one of the best European destinations for spring time More
2019-02-07 Alentejo Wine Route welcomed a group of students from the OIV More
2019-02-08 Jean Stelmach is "The Best Sommelier Wines of the Alentejo in Brazil 2019" More
2019-02-11 The most famous wine program will pass through the Alentejo More
2019-02-13 Wine & Dine and Anual Tasting - Wines of Alentejo in Zurich More
2019-02-12 Wines of Alentejo week in Angola More
2019-02-19 Annual "Wines of Alentejo in Lisbon" Event - April 2019 More
2019-02-18 Wines of Alentejo will be at the world's largest wine fair - Prowein 2019 More
2019-02-05 «Tabernas do Alentejo - art and science» - February 2019 More
2019-02-25 Wines of Alentejo with yet another luxury presence at Essência do Vinho! More
2019-02-22 Alentejo Wine Route will be at BTL 2019 More
2019-02-26 Wines of Alentejo highlighted at Mundus Vini More
2019-03-07 Wines of Alentejo's Sustainability at Climate Change Leadership More
2019-03-14 Wines of Alentejo Sustainability program wins "More Alqueva, More Value" award More
2019-03-16 6th Edition of Évora Wine presented on the Alentejo Wine Route More
2019-03-22 Know the program for Wines of Alentejo in Lisbon 2019! More
2018-12-10 ERT - Alentejo Tourism Entity publish "Wine Tourism Guide" More
2019-04-08 Wines of Alentejo returned to Lisbon with novelties for the spring! More
2019-04-05 WASP- WORKSHOP Grassing, Biodiversity and Nefertiti More
2019-04-11 Wines of Alentejo's Stone Wine Market returns in May More
2019-04-09 «Tabernas do Alentejo - Art and Science» - April 2019 More
2019-04-17 Wines of Alentejo Sustainability Program at AgroIn 2019 More
2019-04-19 11th Alentejo Vine and Wine Symposium More
2019-05-06 Know the program of Évora Wine's 6th Edition More
2019-05-03 «Tabernas do Alentejo - Art and Science» - May 2019 More
2019-05-13 7 Gold medals for the Alentejo in the Portuguese Wines Contest More
2019-05-17 One day in São Miguel - 25th May More
2019-05-09 Aproxima Vinhos do Alentejo market in Belo Horizonte 2019 More
2019-05-20 11th edition of the Alentejo Viticulture Symposium brought together more than 200 participants More
2019-05-27 China is discovering the Wines of Alentejo More
2019-05-26 Wines and Taverns of Alentejo in ÉvoraWine More
2019-05-24 Sunsets Ribafreixo Wines in June More
2019-05-24 The Wines of Alentejo Sustainability Program went to Sweden More
2019-05-08 Wines of Alentejo confirm presence in the "Wines of Portugal in Brazil" More
2019-05-31 3rd Wine Market in Torre de Palma Wine Hotel - June 8th More
2019-06-05 World Environment Day - CVRA Environmental Performance More
2019-06-07 Wines of Alentejo: Sonae MC Wine Meeting More
2019-06-26 Meet the "Best Wines of Alentejo" 2019 More
2019-06-15 Alentejo and Ribatejo Tourism Entity announce winners of Tourism Awards More
2019-07-08 New York, New York...welcoms Wines of Alentejo! More
2019-07-17 Wines of Alentejo's Sustainability wins 1st place in ecological markets development More
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