Mission & Statutes


To obtain reputation and international recognition as a wine region privileged by the production of wine that safeguards the environment, based on genuineness, natural and ecological characteristics and authenticity, and regional blends of grape varieties.



Guarantee the certified offer of wines with Protected Denomination and Geographical Indication, increasing the value and notoriety in both national and international markets, based on Alentejo's origin and authenticity.



Authenticity through the guarantee of the origin and bet on the differentiation by the local characteristics, of the grape varieties heritage on which the production of wine in the region is based.
Credibility verifiable over time, through evidences and awards, as well as consumer preference.
Tradition in the culture of the vine and wine since the Romans time, represented by the great number of autochthonous grapes, in the vinification techniques practised region, like the Talha wine, the production of blends, and the maceration of the grapes in "lagares".
Responsability for the environment and social responsability in the development and maintenance of the natural capital of the region, continuously streamlining these policies in CVRA and in the Wines of Alentejo Sustainability Program (WASP).
Availability to improve the efficiency and suitability of the product to the consumer's preference.



• Active intervention in the protection and defense of DO Alentejo and IG Alentejano
• Generate more value for Wines of Alentejo with Sustainability and R & D
• Guide the promotion / communication for the dimensions Quality, Origin, Diversity and Dynamics to provide a service of excellence for the certification of wines, and to add value to the image of all the Wines of Alentejo.


The CVRA is governed by its Statutes, prepared under the terms of Decree-Law no. 61/2020, of 18 August, and by its Internal Regulations.

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