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Commissioner of CVR Alentejana - CVRA

Commissioner of CVR Alentejana

Luis Madureira Pires is the Commissioner of Alentejo Wines, with the aim of representing and defending the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

The position of the Commissioner was created under the new statutes of the certification bodies, and promotes dialogue between consumers and the CVRA.

Luís Madureira Pires receives and assesses complaints and suggestions from consumers, establishing a dialogue between them and the CVRA.  Depending on the situation, he will propose measures that contribute to the quality of service and consumer satisfaction indexes.

Awarded with the Order of Infante D. Henrique, Luis Madureira Pires has broad national and international experience in several sectors; such as Regional Development, Environment and Health.

According to the Commissioner of the CVRA, 'communication between institutions and consumers has left the “discourse” stage and is now at the “dialogue” stage. It is important that institutions have mechanisms to facilitate this dialogue; firstly, in order to respect and protect consumers' interests, and secondly, because this open dialogue also provides an opportunity for the institutions to improve some of their practices. If so, we all win."

Regarding its specific work with Alentejo Wines, Luís Madureira Pires anticipates a very interesting challenge, because "the area of operation of the CVRA focuses on a product and a region with great appeal for consumers embracing many intents and emotions. The Alentejo is the Portuguese market leader amongst regions, and so I wish for an intense and fruitful effort by this Commission."

The CVRA sees this as an opportunity to approach consumers and listen to their views, with the objective of collaboration and continuous improvement of its services in the promotion of Alentejo wine.

You can contact the Commissioner of CVRA by e-mail:
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