Monte Novo e Figueirinha

Historical Notes

The Sociedade Agrícola do Monte Novo e Figueirinha, Lda is a family business established in 1998. It is linked to the Grupo Cameirinha, from Beja, which, in turn, was born of the interest in producing quality wines under the management of Leonel Cameirinha and Filipe Ramos, with the signature of winemaker Filipe Sevinate Pinto.

The estate and the modern winery are located between Évora, Unesco World Heritage Site, and Beja, the capital of the Lower Alentejo. Here, the landscape is the typical Alentejo plain, with clay soils.
The estate comprises a young and modern vineyard, suitable for mechanisation. The grape varieties have been carefully selected. The most up-to-date technology possible has been put to work, including vinification in mechanised lagares (low fermentation tanks) in a modern winery built in 2003. This innovation has enabled our team to produce excellent quality wines within just one year.

The wines are aged in our cellar, in new French and American barrels. After bottling, they are laid down until release.

Annual production currently stands at 800,000 litres. Grapes are sourced from the estates Herdade da Figueirinha and Herdade das Fontes, which is located in the Vidigueira sub-region. Vineyards comprise 70 hectares.


Wine tasting courses, guided visits, a variety of events, including luncheons, meetings, colloquia, etc.

Fine Dining

With advance reservations we can offer exceptional moments and exceptional culinary experiences.

Herdade do Monte Novo e Figueirinha
7800- 740 S.Brissos, Beja

T.(+351) 284 311 260
F.(+351) 284 311 269
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